PGD Statistics

Entry Requirements
For a student to be given admission for the PGD Statistics programme, he/she must satisfy the requirement of BSc. Statistics and also must have:
I. A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, with at least a third class, from a recognized institution in physical sciences, engineering and related areas.
II. HND in relevant area (Physical Sciences, Engineering, Accountancy, Business Administration and Economics with proven adequate background).

Duration of the programme
The duration for PGD Statistics programme are two years and one year respectively with each year consisting of two semesters.

BSc. Computer Science Courses

First Semester    |    Second Semester

S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
2 PGDS703 Statistical Methods 3 First Semester
4 PGDS705 Designs and Analysis of Experiments 3 First Semester
8 PGDS709 Demography 3 First Semester
5 PGDS711 Mathematical Statistics 3 First Semester
10 PGDS713 Mathematical Modelling 3 First Semester
S/N Course Code Course Title Credit Units Semester
1 PGDS700 Project 4 Second Semester
3 PGDS704 Applied Multivariate Analysis 2 Second Semester
9 PGDS710 Mathematical Programming 3 Second Semester
6 PGDS712 Nonparametric Statistics 3 Second Semester
7 PGDS722 Statistical Inference 3 Second Semester